Test your escape skills with puzzles from the Saw film series.

“Do you want to play a game?” 

Enter the complicated games of the Jigsaw killer. Visitors are placed in the Egan & Co. Meat Packing Plant from which they must work together to escape. You’re not just trying to get out of one room, you’ll need to go through the whole factory. This is an intense multi-room experience based on several scenes from the Saw franchise. You’ll feel like you’re in the movies!

Working together is key. Even if you’re placed with strangers; some of which may be actors who will provide further clues. Each room has a time limit in which you must solve the clues in order to escape. Even if your group fails to solve the puzzles in time you’ll still go on to another one. The adventure is about an hour long. 

Even if you’re not familiar with the movies you’ll still be able to participate in this experience. Jigsaw’s voice provides the instructions you need to follow in order to be successful. All you have to do is listen. 


The Official Saw Escape is open Wednesday and Thursday from 5 pm to 11 pm, Friday from 5 pm to midnight, Saturday from 4 pm to midnight, and Sunday from 4 pm to 11 pm. General admission is $50 per person, and private VIP packages range from $70 to $100 per person. 

Think you have what it takes to outsmart the sinister Jigsaw Killer? Book your tickets here now to get started! 

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